Renting functional antique curiosities to refine any event

Frequently Asked Questions

What does retaining your services cost?

You can expect to see a base cost of $60 - $120 per hour depending on the machine and whether it will be in operation or only on display. To give an exact quote, we would need to understand the scope of what you're requesting, which machines you want to use, what you want to do with them, whether the machines will be in active operation or only on display, how far away your event is from our location, and more.

Educational events where primary, secondary, college, university, or home school students are to be learning STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, math) or history are free, within reasonable distance and timeframe, if our schedule is open.

If renting more than one machine, you will get a steep discount (70%) on the cost of additional machines of any type after the highest priced machine's base cost.

Special operations that require extensive extra material like paper rolls or tape or time-consuming preparation like printing out dozens of copies of art will incur further charges.

All pricing is presented and agreed upon up front. If you change your mind about something, we may be able to accommodate this change depending on how far ahead the event is, but pricing will need to be adjusted to reflect those changes. There is no guarantee that any change can be honored.

A nonrefundable 30% deposit of the agreed-upon quote is required to be put on the schedule. Any changes to the agreed plan will require the full additional cost of that change immediately. The remaining 70% is due no later than 11:59 PM MT on the day of the event. Those who pay the full bill up front will receive a 5% discount on the entire amount, not including future changes.

Will we have full, unfettered access to your machines?

No. Because our machines are all antiques, many with sensitive or fragile parts, ALL our equipment will be accompanied by at least one DIT&T representative at all times, and you and the people attending your event must abide by certain restrictions, the chief of which is respect and genteness for these mechanical wonders. You will be responsible for compensating damaged equipment.

To be clear, in cases where machines are rented for active operation, people attending your event may interact with them in the prescribed method agreed upon when we generated your quote, such as properly using typewriters to write, or sending text messages to teletypes, or learning Morse Code on a telegraph. A DIT&T representative will be present to both guard the machines from abuse and to help your guests to use them in the prescribed, proper manner (even with signage explaining usage, some people have a hard time breaking out of the digital world and touching something real).

In cases where machines are rented for visual appeal only, neither you nor your guests are permitted to touch or otherwise physically interact with the machines.

How much lead time is required?

We require an agreement to be made a minimum of three weeks ahead of your planned event.

Will you really do ANY event?

While we're happy to accommodate most events and all people, we reserve the right to deny service for any event for any reason. There are limits to the kinds, locations, and times of events we will accommodate.