Renting functional antique curiosities to refine any event

Community Festivals

Make this founders day one they'll never forget

Have your citizens grab a printed American flag as a part of your next community event. We can also turn a town symbol, school mascot, historical figure, and/or other designs into art pieces printed by teletype for people to keep.

This uses a method similar to ASCII art to use letters and symbols in a sort of mosaic to make up a larger picture.

While some copies can be printed while guests watch in awe at the entrancing machinery in action, this type of art is time consuming to print (10 - 30 minutes per piece depending on complexity), so usually we will print out most of the expected number of pieces ahead of time.

Your people will come together here

Let us set up our teletypes during your next community event for citizens to send text messages to and watch them print out in realtime. If using a tape printer, visitors can keep the printed paper tape segments with their messages on them.

Classy ambiance

If what you seek is to have our machines as background accents adding to your overall ambience purely for their decorative utility, we have a number of beautiful mechanical wonders that will blend in with your other decor whilst providing unparalleled flair.

Have other ideas not listed here?

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