Renting functional antique curiosities to refine any event


Unique, entrancing guestbook

Instead of the traditional pen and paper, recruit either teletypes or typewriters for your guests to use to share their well wishes.

If a teletype, your friends and relations may send a text message to the machine, which will automatically print the message using its electromechanical magic before your guests' eyes on a continuous scroll of paper you can cherish forever. We can even import your list of invitees so that if a phone number matches the list, the person's name will be printed above his or her message.

If a typewriter, guests will have the hands-on, tactile experience of placing their fingers on the keytops and firmly pressing to engage each key, printing out their well wishes on paper of your choice.

Classy ambiance

If what you seek is to have our machines as background accents adding to your overall ambience purely for their decorative utility, we have a number of beautiful mechanical wonders that will blend in with your other decor whilst providing unparalleled flair.

Rescue the princess

If you and your special someone are both retro gaming nerds, we've got just what you're looking for: we'll set up up old computers or gaming consoles complete with games and controllers for the enjoyment of all ages.

If we don't currently have a particular system you're looking for, chances are we can source it, so don't be shy.

Unforgettable party favors

Working with you, we can come up with a design or multiple designs that can be printed out via teletype and given to guests.

This uses a method similar to ASCII art to use letters and symbols in a sort of mosaic to make up a larger picture. This could be an image of the bride and groom, a heart with an arrow through it, or any other symbol representing your sacred union.

While some copies can be printed while guests watch in awe at the entrancing machinery in action, this type of art is time consuming to print (10 - 30 minutes per piece depending on complexity), so usually we will print out most of the expected number of pieces ahead of time.

Telegraph your love to the world

We can set up any number of telegraph sounders to play any message of any length in American AKA Railroad Morse Code on repeat. Have a special message thanking your guests, play your vows, the lyrics to a song, or anything else.

Paper tape mementos

Using the same technology by which telegrams used to be transmitted, we can print out short mementos on paper tape as guests watch the machinery in action, to be torn off and given to guests to remember this day of days. Have a single custom message or rotate through an array of custom messages to share.

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